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2015 Craft Show Directory

New for 2015--All shows will be color coded so you'll be able to identify where they're located at a glance.

Are you tired of spending endless hours on the phone, or on the internet, trying to chase down information about craft shows? Are you looking for new shows to try, or maybe even information on shows you've heard about from others, but don't know where to start? Then you've come to the right place. We've done all the research for you and compiled the information into an easy-to-use directory. The information we provide for each show includes: show date, show name, number of years held*, address of venue, county name, contact phone number, contact email*, show website*, space size, space price, availability of electricity, availability of tables, availability of application online, number of vendors* and estimated crowd size*. (*where available)

We know that not every crafter is looking for the same type of show, so we list something for everyone. From small church bazaars to large outdoor festivals to high end art fairs. From $20 booth fees to $1500 booth fees. From 25 vendors to 1000 vendors. We list both indoor and outdoor shows and shows in every month of the year.

We offer several different editions to meet each crafters individual needs:

FULL EDITION--info on 2000+ shows in PA & OH

                                    $28.00 + shipping

PA EDITION--info on 1000+ shows in PA

                                    $20.00 + shipping

OH EDITION--info on 1000+ shows in OH

                                    $20.00 + shipping


OTHER STATES EDITION--contains info on 2000+ shows in the surrounding states of FL,VA,WV,MI,MD,NY & IN

                                      $23.00 plus shipping


    Order the Other States Edition with ANY other Edition and get it for ONLY $10

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